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Transformative coaching surfaces unconscious programming, habits of thinking, feeling and behaviors to access the intelligence of the heartmind's intuition, creativity and higher wisdom with exceptional outcomes. 

"Life is a truly a beautiful journey when we realize we create our own reality" - Genele

"Life is a truly a beautiful journey when we realize we create our own reality" - Genele

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Neuroscience has given new credibility to the role of intuition in leadership and because intuition is not data driven or logical, intuitive intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most important areas of leadership development. Intuitive Intelligence brings us closer to understand the transformative and creative nature of our organizations, the interdependence with their environments and the energetic field created in a group dynamic.

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Anytime you have more than one individual you have a system. All systems have unconscious agreements based on assumptions and personal bias. Identifying and clarifying group agreements creates alignment with a shared purpose. It renews trust, increases engagement, heart cohesion, communication and greater collaboration. Bridging reality gaps creates an energetic field that fosters creativity and innovation.


Transformative LiFe

Transformative coaching is a powerful partnership that creates deep lasting change and supports you to consciously originate and manifest your desired outcomes. When you remove the blocks of limiting beliefs, invisible ways of thinking and conditioning that have separated you from who you really are, you are free to live a life of empowerment, creativity, prosperity and personal sovereignty.