Transforming Lives, Leaders, and Organizations

Bridging the gap between science and spiriT

Rapid Transformational Coaching is designed to expand consciousness, shift perspectives, evolve thinking, rewire the brain, embody presence, activate potentiality, and engage the quantum energy field to intentionally create your desired experiences. Neuroscience, quantum physics, and heart science provides a roadmap and framework to activate higher consciousness, transcend brain patterning and create an internal alignment for astonishing and measurable results.

Quantum and Neuro Sciences are shattering outdated beliefs on the nature of reality, what it means to be human, and paving the way for quantum leaps in evolutionary transformation, innovation, creativity, and conscious creation. For centuries humanity has been living with the notion there is an ‘Objective Reality.’ Quantum Theory suggests it is 'Subjective.’ with each of us active participants.

Change isn’t transformation, it’s a transient attempt to create a better version of the past. History doesn’t repeat itself, we unconsciously repeat history, collectively and individually through outdated belief systems, cognitive bias, paradox, assumptions and old science. If we are unconscious reality generators, imagine the possibilities when we learn to do it consciously.

Transformation is a quantum shift into new levels of consciousness that inspire new thinking and perspectives that ignite potentialities and possibilities. The answers we seek don’t live in the past they live in the future. Nothing can be solved with the same thinking that created it.


Executive Leadership Coaching

Transforming you, transforms your organization. Conscious leadership inspires, empowers and ignites creativity, productivity and innovation.

Group and Team coaching

Transcend paradox and bias. Increase trust, communication and cohesion. Establish group agreements and shared vision to inspire purpose and passion.

Transformative LIfe Coaching

Engage consciousness to opt out of the brains AI. Activate your potentiality, own your power, live and thrive with purpose, wonder and passion.


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Genele Edey, ICF-ACC

I am a coach, an inspirer, evocator, rebel, challenger, innovator, seeker, teacher, free thinker, truth teller, mirror, and intuitive, with a film and technology background. I am a student of the human condition with endless curiosity, passion for consciousness, quantum physics, and neuroscience. I have a philosophers heart, a scientists brain, a spiritual soul, and great compassion for the human experience. Through many struggles and challenges, existential angst and dark nights of the soul, I was finally able to make the sacred journey from the head to the heart into a new reality of freedom, personal power sovereignty. Sharing my experience and gifts assisting others to take their own journey has been the highlight of my life. It has brought be deep heart and true meaning. It is my purpose. More