When you have more than one person you have a system. Every system has agreements, whether defined or undefined, conscious or unconscious that set up the foundation of the system. If these agreements are not intentional and clearly defined, assumptions and personal bias become the number one challenge in organizational systems.  

According to the research, complexity is the number one challenge in organizations today.  Increased innovation and the digital age of multiple platforms, devices, social media and remote working structures has added layers of complexity to organizations and leveled the playing field in the workplace. 

A new paradigm is here that requires a shift from the mindset of  "I" to "We,'  Best practices no longer apply. It's time to reimagine what it means to be part of a group and team.  The only way to effectively do this is to get curious and ask your teams what they need to be the successful, to creative, take risks, innovate and communicate.  It's time to go back to the drawing board and map it out. To get curious and to listen to what your teams need.  What's being called forth is co-creation, collaboration in an environment of trust where individuals feel safe to speak up and take risks. 

The most high functioning, innovative teams have clearly defined group agreements, shared passion, purpose and desired outcomes. Team members feel inspired to share their unique gifts, take risks, innovate and be the best version of their creative selves. There are few words to describe the energy, connection, cohesion and collaboration created when working in a "WE" centric environment - it's electric and and increased not only satisfaction and production, it positively affects the bottom line.  

This is a powerful process that gets to the heart of team sovereignty and quickly shifts dynamics. 


  • Assessments

  • Group and Team Coaching

  • Start Ups and New Organizational Architecture


  • Increased Morale

  • Job Satisfaction

  • Productivity and Creativity

  • Fun and Aliveness

  • Process of Self-Discovery

  • Reveal Impact and Accountability

  • New Perspectives, Possibilities and Learning

  • Trust Building

  • Successful Social Interactions

  • Empowering Language

  • Increase Generativity

  • Heart Coherence and Co-Regulation

  • Increased Collaboration and Cohesion

  • Co-Creative Conversation

  • Risk and Innovation


  • Assessment

  • Exploration and Discovery Session

  • Coaching Agreement

  • Weekly Sessions

  • Interactive Training Sessions



Invite Change Certified Advanced Group and Team Coach