Energy is Influence - Vibrate Higher

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Influential leaders have an enigmatic X factor we label charisma. What’s really happening is they simply vibrate higher. The conscious aware understand the power of their positive influence and are fully accountable for their own energetic impact.

Everything is energy and every interaction is an energetic exchange. Energy either attracts or repels. We, good humans, are more energy than particle with an energetic field that extends far beyond our physical bodies. According to new science, our hearts read energy before our brain engages. This energetic ‘hit’ is decoded by the heart as intuition and signals the brain setting the energetic stage for our human interactions. In other words, we all sense energy in and around us - moods, people, situations to adjust and act accordingly to the current energy.

We are drawn to the positive and repelled by negative. When we interact with positive energy, we feel invigorated and inspired as the happy hormone oxytocin is released in the brain. Surprisingly neuroscience now tells us positive energy exchanges can literally change our DNA. On the flip side, negative energy interactions leave us feeling depleted, drained, stressed, angry and powerless, as the stress hormone cortisol rages through our bodies.

Thoughts and feeling also have an energy vibration. Positive thoughts create positive feelings which exponentially raise our energy while the negative creates negative emotions which lower our energy vibration. Ironically fear is the greatest energy zap. Negative people tend to feed off of the energy of others in order raise their own and to fill/feel more powerful. Control is the greatest energy drain. Think power with vs power over. 

Each of us has a unique energetic vibration. Researchers have found the human body median resonant frequency to be around 5 Hz. Born leaders tend to have a higher vibration with greater empathy, intuitive and emotional intelligence. HSPs like myself, (highly sensitive persons) use a different part of their brains which is a higher consciousness and tend to have 360-degree energetic vision. HSPs represent 20 percent of humanity and have extremely high energy vibrations. 

As human consciousness continues to dramatically rise, many are now vibrating much higher. There are so many things you can do to intentionally raise your own energy vibration. Where attention goes energy flows. Energy is another accountability piece. Pay attention to what you pay attention too. Be mindful of your own thoughts and feelings and how they impact those around you. As an advanced team coach, I coach the energetic field created by the team. Every system, group or team has a collective energy vibration, just like families. 

What is your own energy signature and how does it impact your interactions with others? Do you want to be a positive force or a negative zap? Is your intention to raise energy or take it?

Be an energy influencer and Vibrate Higher!

<3 Ener-G