Power is the Ego Minds Drug of Choice

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We all want to feel a sense of power in our ability to navigate the complexities of our external life experiences, inner landscape, and future uncertainties.  Our families, careers, finances and our futures. That is our minds full-time job.  Feeling powerful, like most stimuli is subject to the brains reward response system, which releases feel-good drugs oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin.  Therefore seeking and feeling powerful is by definition addictive.

Power is the greatest illusion of the ego mind. It is left-brained, ruthless, soulless, without empathy or compassion and feeds off of negative feelings and energy.  Left to its own devices it will go to any length to maintain the delusion of control.  If you're not conscious of your own programming your mind will control you, your thoughts, desires, emotions, choices, actions, outcomes, people, places and things. 

Power is an I-centric survival mechanism based on unconscious fears of lack and the mother of all fears, ego annihilation aka death.  It takes many forms including power over others, the addiction to being right, conversational narcissism, toxic relationship interactions, disempowering others by criticism, blame, shame, and anything else that can elevate the egos status to better than.  The ego feeds off of negative emotions and control. 

The higher the IQ the faster the CPU. These brains literally process, file, encode and retrieve data sets faster than most brains and rely entirely on deductive, rational thinking while silencing the right brain’s intuitive and emotional intelligences.  Even this thinking process is exclusive. 

Thanks to the age of information, we have become a society of predominately left brained humans who have lost our ability to think holistically. Paradoxically, human consciousness is concurrently and dramatically rising.  It is shifting from the lower vibrational energy of self-for-self into a self-for-service paradigm.  As a result, many are finding themselves increasingly confused and in battle with their own ego minds. 

According to neuroscience, the only way we become conscious is through chaos. Look at the world around you.  Perhaps the greater purpose is to assist in the awakening of human consciousness.  As paradigms continue to shift what used to work is no longer working, and in many cases the experience is dramatic.  This is affecting leadership, institutions, governments, corporations, relationships, and our own relationship to our inner selves. 

The playing field is being leveled. It’s a whole new ball game.  We can’t fix problems with the same consciousness that created them.  Leaders and organizations who want to thrive, let alone survive, must get with the program and shift into an empowering, conscious leadership style.

It’s time to open our brains, minds and our hearts to our shared humanity, and lead by example with compassion and empathy.  The IQ hegemony is over.  IQ is something we are born with,  yet we can absolutely increase our intuitive, emotional and conversational intelligence by unleashing the superpowers of the heartmind.