The Fuck-It List

The other night sharing a meal with a friend, the subject of bucket lists came up. Suddenly he announces, in his usual witty way, “I’m not interested in bucket lists, I’ve created my own personalized fuck it list.” I was surprised to learn his palpable disdain for them and intrigued by his wisdom.

This, of course creates a direct hit to my funny bone. Unable to contain my laughter, he continues, “ No I’m serious, I’m interested in what I can do today that makes my life better so I’ve starting making lists of things I cannot stand to do anymore and habits that no longer work for me and are too exhausting.”

For example he says, “I hate mowing my lawn, so I finally said fuck it, I’m hiring a gardener who can mow it for me, then I checked it off my list.” I ask are you serious? And he says “yes, I add to it every day and constantly check things off. You should try it, it’s liberating.”

The light bulb goes off in my heart, so I give it a whirl in my own life.  What I love is that these are doable daily choices with no expectation of outcomes inherent with bucket lists. He was absolutely right it’s empowering and liberating.

Years ago when I made a conscious choice to live my life from the inside out, I realized I had some spring cleaning to do.  It took a lot of diving below the water line, chucking beliefs that really weren’t mine.  It took letting go and getting clear about who I am. And, taught me how to create the life I want to live.

Now, I focus daily on what’s working instead of what’s not. I identify those things I want to create more of. This process takes courage and much self-awareness. So, why not go ahead and create your own chuck it list?

What a wonderful opportunity to become more aware of the choices you make and the habits and behaviors you’ve got. Look at everything, chuck what you’ve outgrown, and things that don't serve you or who you’ve become.

Every moment of every day we make choices, whether we are aware of it or not. Some are conscious most are not. Many are reactions to the world around us. Others may be based on false or limiting beliefs, and many are the invisible ways that we think aka the unconscious mind.

But there is only one way to get you to where you want, that’s awareness. Now line that up with clarity on what you want and who you really are and who you are not.  How can you get where you want to be when you carry a heavy load of baggage you didn’t even know? Figure that out, say fuck it and chuck it.

Now here’s your litmus test: If I do this I don’t get what I want, or I am clear on what I want instead, it’s aligned with my heart and not with my head.  When you catch it grab a pen and put it on your list, take action and chuck it.

Chucking can be so liberating. I invite you to chuck whatever is holding you back, old beliefs, clothes, shoes that don’t fit. Chuck clutter, baggage and the trash in your can. Chuck fears and worries, anxieties and hurries. Chuck have to’s and should’s, I can’ts and if only’s. Chuck regrets, the past and things you can’t change.  Chuck shitty relationships that don't support who you really are or what you want. If you don’t chuck it you will continue to create more of the same and who wants that at this point in the game?

Be bold with your own chuck it list. Write it down and put it on your fridge.  Remember what you resist persists, what you believe you receive.  Get clear, take action and chuck all the rest. Start living from your heart and not from your head.