Wanting is More than Having More


There are two important relationships all human beings have that we don't realize we have.

Like affairs, they're the secret ones we never speak of. Yet they influence every decision we make, our dreams, hopes, desires, beliefs, feelings, thinking, choices and actions, and even our personalities.

They simmer and stew under the water line, steeped in darkness, burning a gaping black hole in our soul. They rip our power away and take us hostage. These relationships are the ones we have with time and money.

These corrosive relationships are so unconscious they could pass through any security checkpoint unnoticed. They won't show up in a functional brain scan, won't be discussed in a therapist’s office, yet they are the two things we most obsess about.

They glare at us in the media, yell at us in our minds, screaming at us in every conversation we have, this proverbial "I don't have enough time, and I don't have enough money." To many, the belief is that we never will.

To our brains, NOTHING will ever be ENOUGH because the brain was designed to live in the past or future. To our brain, more is just more, and will always be such. The mind deceives us into believing if we had more time, money, and things, we could stop hustling, relax - finally start living and enjoying our stuff.

Our mind believes we have to do more, to have more to make us happy. It also believes we and our relationships aren't enough, life isn’t enough, and it won't be until we reach some imagined destination. It tells us we’ve got to do more, so we can have more of the things we think we need to be happy.

To the mind, wanting will always be so much more than having. The mind simply cannot be in the present moment because it has no job to do. Being in the present is our job, and, to do it, we must engage with our hearts.

We've all been programmed this way and reinforce this global unconscious belief that keeps us stuck in lack and consumerism. Over time, it hits at the hearts of our souls and creates a big, black, gaping hole that we attempt to fill with material things. Advertisers know it, marketers do, banks, businesses, services, everyone is colluding to support this false belief that we need more.

And, everyone seems to know this truth but us. As a result, we’ve become slaves to time and money, and our own toxic thinking, which disempowers us and feeds victim mentality. We will not find relief, nor inner peace until we unpack our own time and money suitcases and explore our own beliefs.

All of this is complete and utter, made-up bullsh$t by our brain, and its societal programming. We’re too busy living in the past or imagining the future, using all of our CPU with useless brain activity, taking up our time thinking about all the money we need to make to have all the things we think we need to be happy.

The truth is linear time doesn't exist. It's a construct of the human brain. Past, present, and future coexist simultaneously. The brain simply wasn't designed to comprehend it.

Now take a moment to think about all the phrases you use daily that have the words 'time' or 'money' in them. More important, notice how you use these words. This will give insight into your own relationship to time and money.

Why do we want the things we want? There are all kinds of stories we tell ourselves. Yet I guarantee, like a bank loan, at the root of the root, we want more time and money. 

Unless of course, you’re one of the few, the conscious aware who know the truth, that we don’t come here to take; we come here to give. That legacy matters. That what we leave is more important than what we take away. That service is more important than time and money. That there is no destination; there is only the journey.

Learn to pause the programming and live in the moment, that sacred space where time is limitless, rich with depth and feeling, an immersive experience. In the now, we have everything we'll ever need, and we're everything we need to be. Learning to be present turns moments into lifetimes and days can feel like weeks or years. 

When we live from the heart, we live in gratitude and more will be given to us. In our heart, we have all we'll ever need, which is Love. We must go within to enjoy what we have without.

There’s plenty of time, especially when we stop wasting it thinking. There is no black hole; it’s just our brain doing its thing. Like John Lennon said, "a mind is a beautiful thing to lose." and Osho: "The mind is a faithful servant, a dangerous master."

Perhaps it’s time to end our relationship with time and money and create a healthy new one. When we change those core relationships, it transforms everything. Always remember, to our heads, wanting more will always be more than having more.

Do you ever wonder why we are the only species on the planet who has to pay to live here?

If you want to walk fast, walk alone with your mind. If you want to walk far, walk together with your heart.

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