Transformational Wake-Up Call


I believe everyone has at least one peak experience wake-up call in his or her lifetime. That transformational moment, yearning or feeling, when soul says "time for an upgrade, course correction, detour, mayday - you're on the wrong path!" Sometimes it's a slow con, while others happen fast, like a grift. No matter, in these defining moments we are asked to heed the call of transformation - to challenge everything we believe or value, go deep, dip into our inner resources and grow. 

The Brain keeps tabs on our comfort zone, so we don't like change. Who knows what or who keeps tabs on our soul’s journey. Clearly cosmic two-by-fours indicate it’s something greater than our ego selves trying to get our attention. As a result, most wake-up calls appear in the guise of a negative transformative experience. These can be and certainly are not limited too traumatic events, illness, death, loss, divorce, addiction, mental health issues, etc. 

Human consciousness has been rapidly rising. If you’re not already riding that wave, put your ankle strap on, you’re bound to get hit or wake up on the beach with a pile of sand in your ass. According to neuroscience the only way the human brain becomes conscious of itself is through CHAOS. Look around the world. What do you see? We can wake up, stay ahead of the curve and learn to surf the waves  and do the work to initiate ongoing positive transformational experiences. This is leadership. It’s the pebble in the pond. You are the pebble. Any positive shifts you make affect the whole. 

The false societal belief that asking for help, engaging a coach, counselor, whatever… means something is broken, or needs fixing, is absolute BS (bullshit and also Belief Systems.) You don't have to wait for shit to fall apart to learn that you create your own reality and how to live it consciously. No one can change, innovate and create from the safety of their comfort zone, nor can they do it lugging around a suitcase decorated with blind spots.

Nothing internally nor externally shifts if you rinse and repeat all of your daily thinking, feeling, doing and being habits. Think about that the next time you put on your favorite slippers. Most importantly, if you don't know the basics of how your brain controls you and your reality, it's time to educate yourself. You're not running the show, your brain is.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the negative transformative effect of a single traumatic event. I prefer to focus on and create positive transformational events. These positive experiences can happen suddenly or over time working with a professional coach (me.) Recognizing formerly unknown aspects of self in an embodied way (new body memory,) evokes meaningful insights, aha moments and peak experiences. Choosing to own these newly discovered aspects of ourselves and integrate them results in rapid transformation.

Be proactive. Now is the time to engage in a partnership of transformation. It’s time to re-architect the brain from a map of the past into a map of the future. Remember the importance of choice. There is huge potential for integrating positive transformative peak experiences into our daily lives. Or, if you so choose, you can micro-dose, or both, lol. Your choice. 

<3 G