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I'm an International Coach Federation certified coach, an Invite Change certified professional transformative coach and certified in advanced group and team coaching. I specialize in the innovative transformative model of coaching. 

My unique career trajectory includes over three decades in Hollywood film and Seattle's high-tech, telecom and start-up industries. I have an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for leadership, relationships and human consciousness. I believe conscious leadership and innovation go hand-in-hand and coaching is the next big trend that will transform not only the way we live, but the way we collectively do business as we move from "I" to "We" in order to co-create.  

My lifelong passions include psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and metaphysics which I use to support you and/or your teams in gaining clarity to achieve your desired outcomes with exceptional results. 

As for my personal life, there is honestly little I haven't experienced, including my share of life's challenges and personal struggles, which makes me uniquely qualified as a coach and highly relatable. With me, what you see is what you get as authenticity is the only way of being I've ever known. 

As a coach with deep love and great compassion for the human experience, I will guide you to see your life from a totally new perspective transcending limitations of personality and circumstance into a more expansive view of endless possibility.  I will challenge you to disconnect from the dreaded drama triangle of victim, persecutor and rescuer into a world of personal empowerment.  My passion is helping you turn down the noise in your head and to connect with your heartmind.

It is a time of accelerated change for all of us.  Whether you are going through transitions, challenges, changes or are ready take it to the next 10 percent, I am uniquely qualified to work with those who chooses to make powerful changes in their leadership style, organizations and lives. I've been there, done that and I know what it takes.  We are all powerful creators. Anything is possible when we create by heart. 

I am is bound by the ICF code of ethics which can be accessed in the footer below.