The Heart is the New Frontier of Human Consciousness

We humans have been programmed to believe we are rational creatures who make decisions logically using our brains and taught that the brain is the most important organ in the human body. I believe the brains’ fifteen minutes of fame is over and the human heart is about to take center stage.

Science has yet to discover where consciousness lives, yet the ancients have written about the mystical powers of the heart for centuries. The Chinese word for heart is Xin, but to ancient Chinese philosophers, it also meant mind, or ‘heartmind,’ because they believed it to be the center of human cognition. Countless philosophers and religions have referred to the heart as the ‘intuitive heart,’ ‘higher intelligence,’ ‘higher consciousness,’ ‘higher-self,’ and ‘soul.’ What they share is a common belief that the heart is the essence of who we are independent of the ego mind of the brain.

Now there is proof the ancients may have known profound truths. Scientific breakthroughs on heart intelligence and the dynamic relationship it has with the brain have revolutionized the role the heart plays in everything, including human consciousness, emotional regulation, and the way we perceive reality. New science is discovering that the heart may what programs, controls, influences, and changes the brain, making it the single most vital organ in the human body.

Heart Brain

The heart has a brain with neurons thousands of times stronger than brain neurons, its own intelligence, and consciousness. Not only does it provide the rhythm for the body's vital processes, but it also influences everything from health and emotional regulation to thoughts and perceptions. It is our connection to our higher consciousness and the quantum field. Research has shown that the heart decodes and processes energy and intuition and sends that information to the brain prior to any of the other sensory input. Heart neurons have short and long term memory. When they connect with the brain our emotional experience is shifted. In fact the heart sends more neural traffic to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. These inputs are major contributors against which the NOW is compared to memory templates, especially as it relates to our emotions.  

Heart and E-motions

The heart has an enormous energetic field that can be measured up to several feet away from the human body. The heart plays and enormous role in our emotions because emotions are energy in motion. We feel our emotions in the heart not the brain. While the left-brain stores most of our memorized data, emotional memory is stored in our physical bodies. The hearts electromagnetic field changes according to our emotions. The heart senses energy in other humans and sends that information to the brain faster than any other input. Your heart will scan another person energetically to determine if they are friend or foe. Positive emotions enlarge its energy field while negative emotions diminish it. Unknowingly, humans are hyper-aware of energy emitted by others individually and in a group setting. Surprisingly, when groups gather their hearts can sync rhythmically as individual energy will merge into a group energetic field. This is called heart coherence. It happens in relationships, families, communities, businesses, groups, even globally. It is a scientific fact that humans are more energy than particle. 

Heart Coherence

The heart is the mind/body/spirit's rhythm section of emotional self-regulation. When we slow down habitual patterns of thinking, our nervous system calms down allowing us to connect with our higher consciousness, inner wisdom, and intuition. In this state of alpha, heart neurons literally take over the brains neural pathways, interrupting default responses before the brain receives its external information. This is why mindfulness and meditation are so powerful.

The process of syncing is referred to as "coherence." In a coherent state, the hearts electromagnetic field expands beyond our physical bodies improving decision making, mental clarity, empathy, compassion, creativity, inspiration and innovation. It creates an increased sense of wellbeing, with positive feelings signaling the brain to releases hormones like oxytocin, the hug hormone. This energy is so powerful it affects other humans, creates trust, and invites authentic connection. Much like a drum circle, our hearts have the ability to sync and beat at the same rhythm co-regulating each other's emotional states.

When we move out of the ego-mind into our heartmind we connect with something greater than the physical world. From here, we can transcend the mind and choose our responses to manifest the reality we want to create. If enough people practice individual and social coherence, it contributes to global coherence, creating a shift in human consciousness. 


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The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.
— Sioux Indian Saying