We are all meant to shine

Heart energy

Genele edey

Transformative Coach

No matter what happens outside of myself or what others think of me, I will shine my beautiful light and express my unique essence. No one can take that away from me for that is my personal sovereignty.
— Genele

If you're looking to make big, bold, brilliant changes in your life, you've come to the right place. Genele is an amazing coach and gifted intuitive. Her coaching style is provocative, inspiring and life-altering.  She possesses an inner wisdom, humor and intelligence which reflects her unique life experience and lifelong quest for purpose.

Genele has worked for over three decades in Hollywood film and Seattle's high-tech, telecom and mobile start-up industries. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for relationships and human consciousness. She believes conscious leadership and innovation go hand-in-hand and coaching is the next big trend that will transform not only the way we live, but the way we collectively do business.  Genele is surprisingly well-versed in psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and metaphysics, and combines all of her passions and expertise to support you in gaining clarity and achieving your desired outcomes. As for her personal life, there is little she hasn't experienced, including her share of life challenges and personal struggles, which make her extremely relatable. Her authenticity is unsurpassed.

As a coach with deep love and great compassion for the human experience, Genele will guide you to see your life from a totally new perspective transcending limitations of personality and circumstance into a more expansive view of endless possibility.  She will challenge you to disconnect from the dreaded drama triangle of victim, persecutor and rescuer into a world of personal empowerment.  As the expert in your own life, Genele facilitates getting your desired results by assisting you to reconnect with the essence of who you really are, what you really want, and to create from your highest potential. She is expert at helping you turn down the noise in your head and to connect with your heartmind.

It is a time of accelerated change for all of us.  Whether you are going through transitions, challenges, changes or are ready kick it up a notch, Genele is uniquely qualified to work with those who chooses to make powerful changes in their lives. She's been there, done that and knows what it takes.  You are a powerful creator. Anything is possible when you create by heart. 

Genele is an Invite Change Certified Professional Coach and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She is bound by the ICF code of ethics which can be accessed in the footer below.