Genele Edey, ICF-PCC

Coach, Intuitive, Brain Technologist and Consciousness Awakener

I'm an ICF certified coach, trained in the transformative coaching modality. I work with executives, individuals, groups, and teams with an emphasis on neuroscience, intuition, and consciousness of the heart brain. I provide coaching, training, workshops and speaking engagements. I accelerate brain changes, increase your intuitive, emotional and conversational intelligence and open the space so you can innovate and originate from a higher consciousness. 

My coaching style and offerings are as unique as my own life experience. My clients agree I am not like anyone. My approach is innovative, designed to change your brain, which requires a different approach to the beliefs and thinking that created your current programming. I am not concerned, intimidated nor impressed with titles, education, prestige, or who you think you are. The question is are you coachable and teachable. My job is to get you out of your head to connect with your higher consciousness. You will transcend the limitations of your brain, remove your blocks and consciously create your desired outcomes. My coaching is structured and challenging. I take you through a uniquely designed journey of new awareness, options, choices, and actions. 

My professional experience life trajectory can be broken down into three acts. The first act began in Los Angeles working in the film industry. For twelve years I was fortunate to work with so many exceptionally brilliant, creative human beings, many of whom are household names. The second act started with a move to Seattle and falling into a contractor gig a Microsoft, where I continued to contract off and on for over 20 years, and ATT&T as digital mobile was about to explode. There we launched the first graphically enhanced mobile internet, email, the first mobile sites, and apps. The third act is all me, a culmination of a life filled with much experience. It’s my purpose my passion, my mission and vision. It is my sacred livelihood and my legacy.

I’ve been a lifelong seeker to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of life. On this journey I have studied philosophy, psychology, esoterics, world religions, metaphysic, quantum physics, astrology, numerology and so much more. I even studied with two shamans. I am passionate about the breakthroughs in neuroscience, neuropsychology, consciousness, epigenetic’s and the hidden powers of the heart brain. I incorporate all that I have learned into my coaching and teaching. My own dream has been to inspire, teach, heal, write, and be a positive influence - to have an impact and leave the world a better place. I am currently writing a book. I have a lot of compassion for this human experience and the challenges we all face dealing with the limitations and of sharing a human brain and the powerful hold of our ego mind. I truly believe human potential is only limited by us humans.

I am deeply grateful to share my gifts and assist you in your journey of remembering who you really are and how to consciously live and create by heart. I love what I do and do what I love. You can too.


Transformative vs. Transactional Coaching

Transformative coaching has quickly emerged as the most innovative and effective way to create deep and lasting change. Neuroscience beautifully illustrates why change must happen on a cellular level in order for our external world to shift. It shows scientifically how the brain works in creating our reality and the role our own beliefs, thoughts and feelings contribute. Making conscious the unconscious reveals hidden blocks and blindspots that allow for powerful breakthroughs. The moment there is new awareness everything has already shifted. 

No matter what happens outside of myself or what others think of me, I will shine my beautiful light and express my unique essence. No one can take that away from me for that is my personal sovereignty.
— Genele